Sunday, June 7, 2009

week one..... we got this!:)

Hey there, hope your doen great!
Overwhelmed with with questions here. But crazy excited for what God is about to do. I got here to sheperd a week ago today. which is weird in it's elf, becasue, i t deffinalty doent seem like it. I guess becasue this week has been so busy, full of incredible conversations and meeting some equally incredible people! We have been in traing all week, in biblical evangelism, and CPR.
Im living in a two strory appt. with 6 other incredible guys, who seem to be very real and authetic. Though i may seem a little overwhelmed with how crowed it can get some times. it's exciting, becasue it gives thats much more of a chance to get to know eachother. which belive me we have. There are 14 God fearing young women, who live in an old two story house thats has need much maintance, in which was finsihed the day or actually the hour of move in..
It's crazy,how all of our hearts are pretty much on the same page, regardless if some may be faking it, which i highly doubt it, ( you will know them by thier fruit) The fruit of each person's heart shows love and compassion for others. so inother words im living and working with people alot like me... thats crazy.. This is what i prayed fo before leaving home. That the lord would bring people into my life i could share my heart and love for people with... These people want to love me, and they want to invest,... which shows...! awesome!
The week has been long and tireing but soo good.. becasue I know that the only way i can make it through any of it is through beeing in the word and constant convo with the lord. I am soo busy,, it's pretty hard to spend as much time with the lord as i have to !! We have done a few out reaches, to a couple universities as well as a park. The point in these out reaches is to get us out of our fear for sharing the gossple and bringing up conversation of God and saharing the love that we have.. in jesus Christ! This is quite the challange when you have a lot of turned off, cold people who know what the "jesus preachers" look like, so thay want nothing of it.. But These people are so lost and even though they are on a journey to find" Truth" they are still missing the whole point of living.... God.....
Tomarrow i start working with the kids. I am in charge of the middle schoolers. which will be intense, alot of messed up kids, who have no idea, what love really lookes like what a true example of a man looks like.. so im praying , the lord helps me with humility, and perseverience to be that light to these people and the kids.. it's gunna be a full week.. of games,.. i will be teaching classes in this summer school.. which is awesome! So ima teacher:) So im actually in my classroom right now cleaning and decerating... we'll kinda.. taking a break.... This week my self we will be taking the class, to a farm to shovle poo, ride horses, work in the garden, and know what it means to have a work ethic. Also We have a sweet finacial program.... that the kids can set up thier own data base, and keep track of points that they have earned through participation in class, beeing here on time, investing.... They let it build, and can make enough "money", to buy gifts, or online shoping...... Pretty cool way to teach them how to manage thier money... But... i need to go try to do some laundrey at the girls house, becasue they ahve the washer and dryer... WE ahve a dryer at the aptt. but no washing machine!:)
But please continue to pray for the lords guidence, and wisdome, as well as protection. not only for me and my fellow interns, but for these abused, and hurting kids, who are just like we are... they just want to be loved, they just want tknow that they are safe, and be conunted as worth something...... AS well as Staying focused@ there are alot of things that the DEvil is putting in my foot steps that hes trying to use to keep me from fullfilling my purpose here... Who do i want to be remembered as?? the one that sat in the corner by my self.. or the one that made an impact and mark on these kids!
Im super excited, but very ....... well i dont know.. what to expect tomarrow.. but soon i will know and i will share with you what i find out!
Thanks for reading!!
God bless you, and have a great pourpose filled day.

(1 Cor. 10:31) "What ever you do, do it all for the Glory of God"

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