Sunday, June 28, 2009

wow, 5 weeks already!

Incredible.. it's been 5 weeks already, and the last three have been packed with so much i doubt i can even attempt to remember all of it! Beeing tired, i pretty positive i will leave out alot. But let me bullet point them for you, due lack of a very precious thing, Time.....
  • I am learning time managment,( fitting everything into a schedual and fitting all that i love the most (God)" into all this)
  • how to teach and work specifically with urban middle schoolers
  • Middle school drama :)
  • EVery tuesday we Go to a horse farm and learn disciplen and all about horses as well as ride them.. Incredible to watch these kids come alive, and how much they actually want to know about horses!!
  • Learning to pray the same prayer for these kids and thier family... where mine is for a good day to love on them.. where theirs may be.. "God i dont have shoes,, i dont have food, i dont have a mom, or dad, can you keep me safe from my dad who hits me and my momy,,, that is if either mom or dad is even in the picture....
  • Walked and witnessed down town, a couple times. one when the Gay pride festival was going on! which was deff. Interesting! alot of great conversations, and alot of Doors the lord had opened!
  • How to be a true servant! when i dont feel like it,, my heart should want to tak advantage of the leggs and arms and strenghth that the lord has blessed me with...
  • Served bread and differnt kind of foods to many many homeless, on our free time.. Crazy conversations there... how these people get there.. whcih is very sad, becasue they told thier stories and it made me think about a hand full of the kids here, and the same path's that they are going down.
  • Service project last saturday, mowing yards, scraping, painting houses, planting flowers, and reparing floors roofs and walls.
  • This saturday, after along week, a family invided all the interns over to thier lake house for bouting, tubing and jetsking!:) awesome!!!! While jet sking, a few of the interns had never jet skied before, so i took it easy on them at first.. they my man, Jeremy got dumped 15 yards behind me:) haha.. and Another intern Emily, had never jet skied as well, and at first i was nice:):) haha but she had to get the full effect.. hahah, lets just say we both had to swim for 50 to 60 yards to get back to the jet ski:) but once she took that first fall i let her drive, and lets say she was "Crazy" haha... she was getting so excited any time she saw a wave.... pretty funny:)
  • Yesterday.. we had a steel drum outreach in one of the parks,, which was an incredible situation for some very deep conversations. One was actually with one of the Campus crusdaes Staff members decesed husbands parents, who weree absolutly incredible.. Their strenght and love for thier daughter in law, who gave her testimony only a week ago, about losing her bast freind and husband with two young boys! which one i am getting very close with so i pray that I can be a godly example of a man for him.
  • Last night all of us interns had a "Mans night" Shot Guns, bow and arrows, ate half of a cow, and grunted a little bit... you know typical guy stuff:) haha It was Great to do things that are very typical as what Guys do, because i have never wanted a lable or to be fit into a catagory, becasue that would count me in as typical and the same as every one else... Im pretty rebellious":) But the lord is teaching me that there is a time and basics to everything.... I cannot make a free throw with out beeing able to make a lay up first! there is an order, just as it says in Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

Sorry it's been a while since my last blog, it's been very busy and very tireing... Im super excited to see what the lord continues to do! he has been soo tangible it's not even funny.. so continue to pray for guidence, love, perseverence... and for the neighbor kids,, i have had the honor to come along side a couple of the kids and bring them to church, and pray and teach them About Gods love, but it is a slow process,, but they are eager, and want a male modle... so i know that me beeing me i cant give them the example they need.. so i need Gods GRace!!!!

Bless you,,, im sooo thank full for you!!

God's Grace is sufficient!!


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