Saturday, May 30, 2009

oh.. lets just get started already

Ok, so day one starts tomarrow of this new chapter in my life! how crazy it has been getting here! Let me bring you up to day just a little bit.
Honestly, a little over two months ago, my plans were to stay around MI, work with the parents, and occasionally visit friends at camp.. Pretty basic i know.... Then the plan turned in to goin to Africa for a few weeks with a friend to see where he was from, and his family who he has not seen in years.. Would be an incredible oppertunity right!!? apparently not right now:) .. Even though i had all the paper work and and finacial support lining up. A good freind Of mine, calls me an hour before my first day at the YMCA and asked if he could recommend me for an internship position in Indianapolis, doing inner city work for a year.. At this point, i am exhausted emotionally, meantally, and spiritually trying to Analyze my way into god's will. You cant do This. That is why we have the holy spirit. So i told him, i was sick of trying to figure it out and asking questions.. 'YEs".... just So you know there are soo many other underling pains and emotions happeing in my heart at this time! This was the hour of my "Pride Detox", which i'll fill you in another time. But meanwhile after finally getting this job at the YMCA, after applying litterally 40 places! I was working with Kids, which is incredible i love it. Ironically, my boss told me that my schedual wasnt working with them so they would work something else for a nother Area, like the weight room.... Heck yeah.. i love that too! Never got a call,, even afternumerous attempts to call them.... that was in March:) so, a couple things came to mind.. Jerimiah 29:11-13, and a saying from an old retired pastor from Tennisse. " The Lord's Got ya here to get ya there" which is crazy simple, but so true, especially when your in the middle the junk that life throws at ya.. Or the stuff God allows us to go through, to test our love for him . (Deut. 13:3)"The LORD your God is testing you to find out whether you love him with all your heart and with all your soul". what i want to know is, When God looks at my heart does he see all my motives, and desires that show him how much i love him... When i hate where i am at in my life,, do i show the same consistancy .. probably not.. im human.. but is that an excuse to quit,, probably not!
Lastly, i have a few goals in writing this blog.
1. Keep my freinds and family up dated with whats happening.
2. Use this as a ministry oppertunity
3. Become a better writer
4. Write when i can
5. U will problably see me talking to God alot on here.
thank you, for read'en more to come.

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