Thursday, September 24, 2009

GRace anyone??

Once again God is ridiculous!
My boss and i have had alot of time to talk, on the way into work everyday, because My jeep broke down, so he has been gracious and picking me up.... today, like Tuesday i wanted to walked the 5 mile's to shepherd where I teach P.E. for first graders and middleschoolers.
Today, more particularly i started my walk in the over cast sprinkle of the day. I Prayer"God please hold it off"..... it waited, but then the rain started to pick up.... but half way through my rainy adventure to work, i saw one of my co-workers, pull into the bank crossed the street from me..... "great.. ill get a ride from him"... As im checking the traffic situation on both sides, i step toward the road to cross, and a guy pulled up and asked if i needed a ride...... mind you.. i don't give rides to just any one and dont take rides from just any body... but.. ok.. i got in.. we got turned around... we started chatting it up about life, what i do, who i am ,, about Shepherd and why i am here in Indy,... Ok we arrive safely at "The Shep " he wanted to check it out for a minute... so we went in got him some contact information... AS he got ready to leave,, i very thankfully shook his hand and hoped to see him again... Later after class i received a page over the intercom to come to the front of the building, where i met our receptionist who held in her hand a check for $30 from this man who went out of his way to drop me off and went out of his way to get to know my story and actually payed me for it!!hmmm..
Mean while At jireh my other work site, where i work with three teams of kids,,, with gymnastics, wrestling, and airbornacrobatics,.. this next semester i will be starting a team called hip-hop haven. These Kids are very very rough,, but when you find the diamonds in the dirt makes the whole time worth it all!!! I just love the challenge of loving people, if they don't want it.. fine they don't want it.. but I'm still going find away to impact their life.... This is not stubborn annoyance... this is called persistence!! I learned this from a guy we call God.... or the More broken down version.... Jesus... He stands at the door and knocks".... softy??? no!! with persistence and wants in your heart! he will not quit, because he knows what you were meant for!! to be loved!! which his love is beyond measure... so when i try to love these kids,, i love them the way i know how to love them... but.. when i pray that God teaches me how to love them the way they need to be loved,,, god gives supernatural love to us so their needs can be met where they need to be met....... GRace.. any one?
Mean while, at wrestling practice i am called out to my jeep, because a Friend of my boss wants to look at it,, he get under my jeep in the rain,,, pounds on the starter a few times,, and after litt. 4 other attempts to start it.. it started right back up..... But i will nee to get a new starter!!! but praise God For this!! Really lord!! Thank you!!!
Teach me to love!!

-Someone may be waiting for you to be you, so they can watch and learn how to be them.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

OK, so I've been thinking, how is it possible to not get stressed out and not be anxious in a life and a culture saturated with.. stress and anxiety? The bible says, be Anxious about nothing, also, to "lean" not ( don't use as a crutch) on our own understanding... dont know about you.. but i understand me better than i understand any one else, and i know the way my mind and body works, sometimes i think that theres a short circuit in there, but hey as long as every body is fine with imperfection.. iguess I'm good.....right???:) maybe.....? ok.
but really... why does god talk about being still, (psalms 46:10, and 23) don't worry, or stress (Matthew 6:34). Anxiety... (1 peter 5:7, Phil. 4:6-7, and Matt 6:27)
There has to be some kind of purpose in the repetition here... In Psalm 23, he actually "makes" us lie down.. besides.. what kind of waters?? STILL waters. So in other words to me.... SHUT UP:)
I love this next verse, because of the visual... take a second to soak it in.

"My heart is not proud, O LORD, my eyes are not haughty; I do not concern myself with great matters or things too wonderful for me. But I have stilled and quieted my soul; like a weaned child with its mother,like a weaned child is my soul within me. O Israel, put your hope in the LORD both now and forevermore."
(Psalm 131:1-3)
So say you are the weaned child. the baby..... what are the babies actions.....?? nothing but.... completely resting contently in it's care takers arms.... eating up the intimate quality time....... what else can it do ........This is a sacrifice for most of us!! But this, is exactly what God wants from us! to sacrifice..... time to make the world stand still and let everything fly by as he writes out his plans for your day on and in your heart... But this drives us crazy... and makes us shaky and anxious and stressed out, because we " have to catch back up, if we stop"!! Good!! that means your running as fast as You can, at your pace not as fast as as every one else!
Please pray for me as i learn these lessons to... let me know what i can pray for you about....e-mail me at

It;s like popularity in high school, no body cares how popular you were once your out...
we are here for just a little while, why are we stressed out about stuff, that wont matter!!? could be tomorrow your dead!
In him!