Friday, December 4, 2009

god can keeps us from falling!

so I'm a little shaken right now. my heart is dabbing in my stomach fluids. It is just soo weird and inhuman, to see some one you interact with on a daily basis stare you in the eyes and next thing you know roll away on a stretcher.
Yesterday, my boss and mentor called and asked me if i could meet him for lunch at shepherd and catch up on life and how things were going. Well, we are rarely ever at shepehrd on fridays, but here is for shadow of gods for seeing faithful ness and protection.
Not only were my boss and i eating lunch at the same time, but four other guys who never eat at this time either. WE are conversing, talking about feeling out of place at very ritzy restaurants.. and my other boss.. (i know got alot of them.) Who is a blessing just to be around, because of his incredible wisdom, asked our young middle school academic director a question... I watched his face,, as his lips quivered, and stuttered to get the words out. I have never seen him have any verbal communication problem. He is a very studious and fluently spoken young guy..
pushing for words, but nothing came out as we all watched and anticipated his response, or maybe a laugh at this joke... i knew in my heart, something was wrong.. as i studied his face and his eyes, i thought to my self " Ive never seen him studder, and he doesn't have any food in his mouth to choke on." as he continued to struggle to get the words out, he turned red from embarrassment, and pointed in confusion, why he couldn't talk?.. he didn't understand why nothing was coming out.
He turned red, and his eyes rolled. as he started to tip back off of his seat all of the energy that was built up from wanted to speak,, blurted out in a haunting release, that sounded like the Alian tripods on tom Cruses War of Worlds.
With out consciousness I"now blurted, 'Catch him" as quickly he was caught on each side, and layed on the ground, where he stiffened up, paralyzed and shaking, with wide eyes and a very pale face.
Tim, my boss, the wise guy, told me to call 911, and drove the moment of this crisis like an experienced captain of a ship. He continued to talk and and ask questions to keep my Friend aware.. After the call was made, i walked back into the cafeteria to see how he was doing... i remember saying "God please heal him quick". He was then wheeled off to the ER, and by that time he had come to, and started trying to fight people off, because the body just thinks that you are being attacked... so again Tim, kept him down. until the paramedics showed up.
....As i write this a few hours later guess who walks into his own class room with his wife?:) He is doing better, a little exhausted.. of course, but doing fine, and apparently it Has happened once before, so it is not just very out of the blue! But as he said Thank God he was in the right place!!
Yes! no doubt.. this is what I'm talking about,,,, God saw this coming.. it was no surprise.. why do you think that He sent all of us..... at the same time. A wrong time for us typically. But perfect timing on gods behalf!
God praise you for you love, and watching over us, and knowing us better than we know our selves. for knowing the number of every hair on our head, calling all the stars by name!
That's beautiful !

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