Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thank you

Thank you for today!
Thanks for waking me up!
Thank you for letting me breath again
And for a roof over my head,
A Bed to sleep in with bankets and a pillow.
thank you that there is always food.
Thank you for a vehical to drive that gets me to my "job".
Thank you for the "job" That you have given me
Thank you for all the people who have supported me (finacially or other ways!)
Thank you for for parents who are still together after 36 years of soo much life!
For two unique and incredibly loving , cool brothers, who get me,
Thank you for my sister, for bringing her into our lives to remind us of how love takes work!
For hard times, which make the good times so much sweeter!
Thanks Shepherd and Jireh
Thank you for these tough kids
Thank you for your mercy (You run to the hurting)
Thank you for your grace
Thank you for loving me even at my worst
Thank you for your consistancy!
Thank you for hope
If you wake me up tomarrow, thank you!
how can i serve you!??!

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